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Being one of the largest cities in California, the city of Stockton also houses almost 300,000 residents according to the 2011 census. California’s first university, the University of the Pacific is located in this city. The downfall of the city’s economy and the rise of unemployment have brought on an increase in the number of drug and alcohol addiction cases in Stockton. Its close proximity to Interstate 5 can also be another reason, as it has now become a hub for drug transportation between various cities.

Addiction Statistics in Stockton

Since recent years, drug and alcohol addiction in Stockton has risen at an alarming rate. Although authorities have made a huge effort in bringing the numbers down, this issue cannot be handled by them alone. Whether it is this city or any other city in the United States, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Recent statistics show that the use of ecstasy across the nation has increased by at least 67%. More than 70% of American teenagers have tried alcohol before leaving high school.

Other than these two substances, there are several more illegal and prescription drugs being abused on a daily basis by thousands of individuals in Stockton. California Addiction Network has been established to help these at-risk individuals with their drug or alcohol addiction.

Reliable Treatment for Addiction

If your family member is suffering from a dependency on drugs or alcohol, you must start looking for treatment options as soon as possible. California Addiction Network provides a safe haven for Stockton residents who are battling an addiction to these substances. We offer a wide range of treatment programs and even help you find the best addiction treatment facility for your loved one. With our help, thousands of California residents have been able to win their battle against addiction.

We make sure that every help-seeker gets the best kind of treatment and care from highly-trained professionals. These experts have many years of experience in the field and most of them even have friends or family members who have gone through drug or alcohol addiction. This is why we can ensure that our help-seekers receive both physical and mental healing for a long-term recovery.

Long-Term Recovery Through Three-Step Treatment Programs

We understand that for an individual to fully recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it requires time and effort. This also means that help-seekers need to be strong, patient, and courageous because the recovery period is going to be difficult. With proper care and encouragement, we can make it easier for these individuals to successfully pull through. California Addiction Network makes sure that your loved one receives a comprehensive three-step treatment program for complete recovery.

We help you find a treatment facility that offers three stages of treatment program – detoxification, rehabilitation, and after-care. The first step involves the removal of harmful toxins left behind by the substance during addiction. In the second step, the help-seeker undergoes a rehabilitation program to help them get over their addiction. The after-care program is designed to help these individuals cope with a life without drugs or alcohol. This helps them resist any kind of temptations or triggers that might make them want to get back to their old habits.

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California Addiction Network makes it a priority to get your loved one into a suitable addiction treatment program depending on the type and severity of addiction. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.

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Staging a Drug Intervention in Stockton CA

Assistance (with clipping path)Drug addiction is a severe and chronic illness that develops gradually. When someone close to you is struggling with a drug problem, it may leave you feeling hopeless and worried as well. Many families find it a challenge to help their loved ones who are addicted to drugs. One of the best things you can do in such situations is stage an effective intervention to let them know that they are on the wrong path.

The drug addiction treatment facility at California Addiction Network, is skilled in staging interventions that have changed the lives of many Stockton families. With our reliable and considerate professionals, you can let your loved one know that their addiction is ruining their lives and that you are there for them even through their toughest times.

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Drug Addiction – A Critical Issue in Stockton CA

california mansion website photoIs your friend or family member struggling with a drug problem? The critical problem related to drugs is taking over the nation and something has to be done about it. Most cities in the United States are experiencing a sharp rise in the rate of drug addiction. Similarly, drug addiction rates in the city of Stockton, California are growing rapidly despite city officials’ efforts to curb the issue. If you have a loved one who is suffering from drug dependency, you must start looking for treatment options at California Addiction Network immediately.

With a population of almost 300,000, the city of Stockton is among the largest cities in California. The declining economy and rise of unemployment rates are some of the main contributors to the city’s alarming drug addiction rate.

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Drug Detoxification for Stockton Residents

medical nursesDo you have a loved one in need of immediate medical attention for drug addiction or substance abuse? If they are suffering from the health complications of substance abuse, the first step you should take is to help them undergo drug detoxification. Getting rid of chemicals and toxins introduced in their bodies through drugs is the first step towards recovery. California Addiction Network offers excellent drug detoxification options for Stockton residents. If you notice a loved one falling victim to drugs, encourage them to seek help at our facility immediately.

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Stockton Residents Seek Drug Treatment

addictionDo you notice any negative changes in a loved one’s behavior or personality? Are they acting secretive, stealing money, and lying frequently about their whereabouts? Do you believe that they are mixing with the wrong crowds and experimenting with drugs? Even if you have a slight suspicion, it is important to shed light on this matter and save your loved one from a painful life of substance abuse. If you notice any of common symptoms of drug addiction in them, get in touch with California Addiction Network immediately for effective drug treatment.

For Stockton residents in need of medical help, we offer the finest drug addiction treatment programs in flexible and affordable options. Being an established facility with top-of-the-line medical treatment, we are a preferred by the local residents.

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